Approximate Image Size
6x14 Image Frame: 56mm x 132mm
6x15 Image Frame: 56mm x 140mm
6x17 Image Frame: 56mm x 168mm
Note: Image frame size varies slightly based on the lens used
Compatible Lenses (6x14 and 6x15 Only)
​​​​​​​Helical focus for 90mm f 6.8 Rodenstock/Caltar Grandagon (Range: ~3ft to infinity)
Helical focus for 90mm f 8 Super-Angulon/Fujinon SW (Range: ~3ft to infinity)

Shoots 5 6x14 frames on 120 film
Single Cold Shoe Mount
Built in FLM tripod mount in addition to 1/4" standard mount (not available on 58mm XL)
Includes a simple tool to calibrate focus with compatible lens

Currently testing the following:
1 - Fixed Focus Adapters for SA 58mm XL and SA 47mm XL (Tested and compatible)
2 - Fixed Focus Adapter for Rodenstock 55mm f4.5 (Tested and compatible)
3 - Fixed Focus Adapter for Rodenstock Grandagon / Caltar II-N 90mm f6.8 (Tested and compatible)
4 - Lens Cone and Helical for Fujinon SWD 65mm f5.6

Note: Additional lenses will be supported soon.

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